01 An Online Expert Made for Amazon Sellers
Running business online is time-consuming and probably not the most fun part of your work routine. At 4KMILES, we can help take away all those hassles so that you can focus on your product development and other off-line business activities.We will take care but not only:

• Sales performance - real time orders and sales in different time range and different perspective;

• Advertising campaign management - and ads data restructure;

• Traffic analytics - help you get the traffic of your products, and analyse the different traffic resources of sessions, ad clicks, product by product.

• Inventory management - we will manage your inventory so that they are always well presented and available.

02 Amazon CPC Ad-Automation
With our Ad-automation rules and AI-driven ppc models, you can get a significant increase in the efficiency of ads data tracking and ads operations.

4KMILES is a growth enabler with a global perspective, offering cross-border brands a full spectrum of expertise in digital commerce. Founded in 2018, its holistic solution spans data synergy and advertising efficiency to fast innovation and brand transformation.

4KMILES is an Amazon Ads partner, Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network), and a partner of many other major platforms. Guided by a mission to provide result-driven solutions, it delivers industry-leading experience and resources to effectively empower brands to borderless growth.


4KMILES has joined the Ascential portfolio, a network of leading companies which help brands to win on the world’s biggest platforms, such as Amazon and Walmart.

4KMILES’ solutions are enhanced by sister companies, accelerating digital commerce growth internationally for China brands operating cross-border.